Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Sunshine of His Mercy

Diary of a Traveling Preacher
Volume 8 - Chapter 5

I preached in the United States through the first week in June. Then I went to stay with Giriraja Swami in California to rest and prepare myself for the summer festivals in Poland. Every day I chanted and read and also exercised. After months of intense traveling around the world, I had to put myself in shape for the 48 rigorous festivals ahead.

During my exercise routines I would meditate on the upcoming tour, visualizing the ISKCON Manipur dance troupe we had invited from India performing on our stage. I also envisioned our new theater production, complete with two animals that fight with Krsna and Balarama: a seven-foot gorilla named Dvivida and a ten-foot elephant named Kuvalayapida. I could almost see our guests' faces light up with amazement.

But one day I received a call from Nandini dasi, and I realized...