Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hanuman Express Dispatch

15 June 2007 - Purusottama-mas, krsna-paksa (P.2)

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Tuesday, 13 June - In the Temple Office in Tucson (Arizona). Big ten foot Cactus’ outside. Sun, sun, sun, desert.

Jaya, yamuna tira vana achari!
We are going here, we are going there.
We write our ideas that come from the air.
Unless you learn to wandering quick,
You’ll never see Gopal with His cowherd stick!
Unhappy cow!

Since last HED we finished our days in Houston. It was r-e-a-l-l-y cool! Everybody there was really cool! They are our leaders in the Pada-padma program for 2007-2008 semester!
Then we Zoomed to Phoenix and had one week there. Program at mystical Sedona and Under the Japa Tree at home program and then again at the Sunday feast! Wow!

Sedona Views,az-26.htm

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