Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hanuman Express Dispatch

Trivikrama-mas, sukla-paksa (7.1)
-Dedicated to Srila Prabhupada’s eternal Sankirtana.
-Edited by the Anjana Suta Academy, Hanumatpresaka Swami and other assorted Monkeys, Piggys, Saints and Scientists.
Est. May 1979

-SANKIRTANA! Adwaita Thakura, Rohini, Ekendra, Gopa kumar et al have been on Traveling Sankirtan. They stayed with Gaura karuna-sakti Mata and Vamsi Prabhu in South Peru and then went to Bolivia. They came back to Lima for the visit of Jayapataka Swami. In 13 days they distributed about 1800 books. Personally Advaita distributed 304 small books and 2 Science of Self Realization.

As the Christian preacher said, “I’ve heard about Marijuana and I’ve heard about LSD, but I’m talk’n about God’s own drunk!” !! !

-GURUKULA! Anandamaya sent a Report from the Gurukula in Lima. Considering all the stresses and strains it has gone through it should not exist. But because of your help and devotees bhakti it has a bright future. Complete report and opportunitiess to participate in Appendix.

-MYSTERYS! Abhirama Swami informs us that BHATI is going on. 1) Oscar has gone to film Light of the Bhagavata with Rodrigo et al. We are expecting: 2) a Budget Proposal for the other October events, 3) Price and Dates for March 2008 Ticket to India, 4) English edition of other people’s papers from the March 2007 Pre-event, 5) October Announcement and Invitation at any moment. Laksmana Prabhu, CHOSIKA ISKCON, informs us that ISKCON Lima is going on. I worry that he hasn’t got an “authority”.

I can help you in your diksa link to the current Acharya, Srila Prabhupada, and the Parampara. But that includes that you have a practical siksa authority in ISKCON. If you want to belong to the Anjana Suta Academy (God help your soul), then we are your Authority. Read this HED and send your comments and contributions. Other than that join or form some other ISKCON institution for spreading Krsna consciousness and work under an authority. In this regards. In regard’s Laksmana Prabhu it is not clear to me who are their authorities in Lima. As far as I hear Atma-rama Prabhu is no longer the Regional Secretary and Jayapataka Swami only visits for a few days each year. And and a n d we don’t get informed by our GBC what is happening from their side there. Oooof!

(Off with his tail)

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