Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Dear Devotees and friends:

This year Festival of India have been traveled with over 40 youths in the main cities of Peru and Bolivia. We have been in Cusco, Puno, Uros Island, La Paz, Oruro and Cochabamba.
Festival of India is a program that started 3 years back in South America with a huge success.This program is been directed by youth from all over South America, that in spirit of devotion, traveled in many countries preaching Krishna Consciousness in a cultural way, on favor of World Peace and Against Drug Abuse.

This last 3 years we have been done over 30 festivals in the main cities of PerĂº, Bolivia and Ecuador. We have been in Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, Chiclayo, The Uros, La Paz, Oruro, Cochabamba, Guayaquil, Montanita y Cuenca. We have distributed: Over 50 thousand plates of free meals, Over 15 thousand literatures of Srila Prabhupada, we have been in the main TV channels, Radio Channels of this countries, we have been participating in a meeting with the mayor of Cusco, one of the main tourist Cities of the World and we have been given 5 different seminars.We have invested between all the youth and the selfless help of the donors OVER 80 THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLARS!!!

From the year 2008, Festival of India, will began to work more closer with the Congregational Development Ministry, by giving them our data base, over 10 thousand new contacts a year to be cultivated by the different Yatras. We want to have for the year 2012 over 70 thousand new contacts to cultivate.

Also Festival of India Cultural Bus Tour, will help with donations to the Congregational Development Ministry, by paying a devotee that will be in charge of cultivating all those new people by internet.

Temples like La Paz, Puno, Cochabamba, have been declare that with this program, over 100 new people join the temple program. For example, in Cochabamba, 60 new people came to the Sunday feats after the Tour finished.

A big number of our youths alter participated in this programs have taken the responsibility of the first and second initiation. We want to congratulate, Devaki mayi dd, Viracandra Nitai das, Vrajesvari Vijaya dd (Bhakti Sastri, MIHE with honors), Madhavi Kamala dd, Nitai das, Radha Kishori Sundari dd, Radha Kunja dd and Tulasi Kunja. Eight of our youths that have been demonstrated a lot of responsibility and have been inspired with this Tour.

These festivals also have been a way of inspiration for the youths to create a ministry in South America, create meetings and help each others.

Festival of India, together with all the youths, have been helping the Congregational Development Ministry, during all the festivals that the Ministry did during 2005-06, with different stage programs.

The Bus Tour, World like to give a special thanks to Divya Priya dd, Visnu Gopala das, Tirtharaja das, Tirthatma Nitai das, Eka Gauranga das, devotos de Balarama Desha, Manu das (ISKCON Youth Ministry), Sarva Sakti dd and to all the devotees that every year makes these festivals to happen.Our new Web Site www.indiacultura.org have been possible with the help of Tirtharaja das (Asutralian GBC & Reginal Secretary for Chile ) Eka Gauranga das, Bhakti devi and Tirthatma Nitai das, there you can see all the festivals, pictures and videos of the tour.

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